CatGenie supplies are essential for the CatGenie to work. We recommend keeping at least one spare box of granules and one SaniSolution cartridge available at all times.

All CatGenie supplies are Vet-approved and safe for pets, people and the planet. 

  • Washable Granules: Reusable cat litter. Non-absorbent. Dust-free. Harmless if accidentally ingested.
  • SaniSolution: Sanitises the granules and the Genie Bowl. Available in Fresh Scent or Scent Free.
  • Machine Maintenance: Removes lime and grime that may build up over time. Use once every 3 months.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our friendly team via the chat below or give us a call on 1300 228 436!

CatGenie One Year Mega Combo


Remember to keep a spare SaniSolution Cartridge on hand at all times. Regardless of which scent you choose (Fresh Scent or Scent Free), the SaniSolution formula effectively cleans and sanitises the CatGenie bowl and granules for fresh use every time. The ingredients of the SaniSolution are; synthetic detergent, quarternary ammonium compound, and a blend of natural and synthetic perfume oils.

Unlike some cleaning products that may be harmful to pets and families, the SaniSolution formulas are 100% safe for you, your pets, and the environment. One cartridge lasts 3-4 months for one cat.

Handy Tip: Set the CatGenie to Cat Activation to extend the life of the SaniSolution cartridge from 120 washes to 240 washes.

CatGenie SaniSolution 2 Pack

Washable Granules

The non-absorbent Granules never need scooping or changing however, over time, the number of granules may decrease as a result of getting stuck to solids. When the granules fall below the fill line, simply pour a few granules into the bowl as needed.

If you cat has a habit of digging and flicking their litter out of the bowl, we recommend purchasing the Genie sidewalls or dome. This will help keep granules in the bowl.

2 boxes of Granules (1.6kg each) is equivalent to a year's worth of disposable cat litter. One box lasts 4 - 6 months.

Machine Maintenance

Like all appliances, the CatGenie requires basic maintenance to keep everything running efficiently. The Machine Maintenance Cartridge removes lime and grime that may build up and causes potential blockages in hard to reach places. One Cartridge contains 4 washes and only needs to be used every 3 months.

We recommend manually cleaning the entire CatGenie unit every 6 months for optimal performance. To watch a video on how to thoroughly clean the CatGenie unit, click here!

Machine Maintenance Cartridge

Supplies Combos

Our supplies combos are bundled together so that you save money! Our 1 Year Mega Supplies Bundle is the best value for money! You will receive 4 SaniSolution Cartridges, 2 Boxes of Granules and 1 Machine Maintenance Cartridge including delivery!

Our other combos are; the Basic Combo and Super Combo.

The Basic Combo includes 2 SaniSolution Cartridges and 1 Box of Granules.

The Super Combo includes 2 SaniSoluion Cartridges, 1 Box of Granules and 1 Machine Maintenance Cartridge.

All combos come with the choice of Fresh Scent or Scent Free SaniSolution.

1 Year Supply Mega Combo

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