About Us

Our Mission

Here at CatGenie Australia, we pride ourselves on being the first and only exclusive CatGenie distributor in Australia! Our mission is to improve the relationship between you and your feline friend by providing you with a convenient, hygienic solution that eliminates the most unpleasant responsibility of owning a cat.
We understand that scooping up your cat's litter is inconvenient, smelly, unhygienic, and depending on which type of cat litter you currently use, takes a huge toll on the environment AND your wallet. We're aware of the effects disposable cat litter has on the environment and we're passionate about distributing the ONLY environmentally friendly self-cleaning, self-washing cat litter box!
Our experienced support team is dedicated to providing friendly, helpful advice regarding any CatGenie questions or concerns you may have. Whether you want to find out more about the CatGenie, need help setting the unit up or simply don't know which SaniSolution to choose from, you can contact our team via chat, phone or email.

Why Switch to the CatGenie?

You Do Nothing
The CatGenie does all the dirty work for you! No more scooping. No more buying bags and bags of litter. No more replacing the plastic lining and best of all, no more smelling your cat's waste! The CatGenie takes care of everything so that you can spend more time with your cat and less time cleaning up after them.
Regular litter boxes are the perfect breeding ground for microscopic germs and bacteria. Coming into close contact with your cat's waste increases the risk of Toxoplasmosis - a common infection transmitted by the T-gondii virus found in cat faeces. The CatGenie thoroughly washes the Granules and the bowl with a mixture Vet-approved SaniSolution and water, washing germs and bacteria out of your home for good!

You Save Money
You'll never have to buy bags and bags of litter again! The CatGenie uses Washable Granules that only need replenishing. If you own one cat, for one year, you'll only need 1 to 2 boxes of washable granules and 3 to 4 cartridges of SaniSolution! In the long run, you'll save time and money.

Environmentally Friendly
The CatGenie unit significantly reduces the amount of litter and waste you throw out each year. Unlike traditional cat litters that are bought in the kgs and are thrown out in the kgs, the CatGenie simply washes your cat's waste down the drains to be properly treated while the washable granules stay in the bowl ready to be freshly reused!
And unlike cheap clay and clumping litter that require strip mining to access, the CatGenie's affordable Washable Granules are made of a combination of natural and synthetic biodegradable materials that degrade in just 9 months. The SaniSolutions are made from an eco-friendly, non-toxic formula that's safe for pets, people and the environment. Additionally, the plastic cartridges are also biodegradable - decomposing in 10 years rather than thousands! Click here to read more about the effects of cat litter on the environment.

Buy with Confidence!
Not satisfied with your CatGenie? Return it! We offer a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee on the CatGenie unit along with a 2-Year Warranty for any mechanical faults. Click here to read our terms & conditions.

Place your order before 2:00pm (QLD time) Monday to Friday and we'll send out your products on the same day!