Before You Buy

Before you purchase the CatGenie unit, you will need:


1. Adequate space for the CatGenie unit

The CatGenie Self-Cleaning Litter Box is bigger than most standard cat litter boxes and needs pre-planning to ensure installation is quick and easy. Ensure the selected room (bathroom, laundry or powder room) has enough space for the CatGenie unit. Dimensions below.

2. Access to a power source

The CatGenie unit requires access to electricity in order to operate. The CatGenie power cord is 1.78m.

3. Access to a cold water supply line

The CatGenie water hose (2.8m) requires access to a cold water line in order to thoroughly clean the granules. Access to a cold water supply line can be accessed through the washing machine water line, sink or toilet. 

NOTE: The CatGenie water hose must be connected to a COLD water supply line. DO NOT connect the water hose to a hot water supply line.

4. Access to a drainage area

The CatGenie drain hose (3m) needs to be placed in a suitable drainage area. There are multiple ways to complete the CatGenie setup, however, the two most common drainage options include; a laundry tub waste pipe or a toilet. If you only have a single drainage outlet in your laundry tub, we supply a Dual Hose Adapter to fit your washing machine drain hose and CatGenie drain hose in the one outlet. An additional hook is supplied for toilet drainage.

Please give us a call on 1300 228 436 if you have any questions regarding the CatGenie set up or installation.



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