Cat Concerns

Yes! The Granules are safe. The Granules are made from a non-toxic combination of natural and synthetic materials that don't expand when wet. If your cat swallows them, the Granules will simply pass through their digestive system.

Yes! The SaniSolution120 has been tested and is safe for cats. The SaniSolution (both scent free and fresh scent) is made with the same ingredients used for sanitising veterinarian operating and examination areas, and is diluted in the wash cycle.

Nope! The CatGenie unit completely dries the Granules so that your cat can do their business in full comfort!

The complete cleaning and drying process takes approximately 40 minutes.

The majority of the cleaning process (around 36 minutes) is very quiet! For a short amount of time, you will hear the sound of water draining at the same volume of a washing machine.

Built-in sensors (GenieEyes) detect when your cat is in the bowl. The cleaning cycle will not begin until all cats have left the CatGenie.

  • If the CatGenie has been set to Auto-Start, the cleaning cycle will start 1 minute after your cat has left the box.
  • If the CatGenie has been set to Cat-Activation, the cleaning cycle will begin either 10 minutes or 30 minutes after your cat has left the CatGenie.
  • If the CatGenie has been set to Manual-Start, you will need to make sure there is no cat in the bowl before pressing start.

Washable Granules

NEVER. Other forms of cat litter (clumping, crystal, pine wood etc.) will damage the CatGenie unit, clog your pipes and void your warranty. The reusable Washable Granules are specifically designed for safe use with the CatGenie Self-Cleaning Litter Box.

A box of CatGenie Granules will last up to an average of 6 months. The frequency of replenishing the Granules depends on the number of cats in your home. Always keep a spare box of Granules available.

The Granules never need changing! The CatGenie does the washing and cleaning for you! However, we do recommend having a spare box or two handy. Over time, the number of Granules in the bowl reduce as they stick to solids or get flicked out of the bowl. When the Granules are below the safe level line, simply top up the Granules to maintain your CatGenie's optimal performance.

The granules feel like thick grains of sand (except less dusty!).

Nope! The Washable Granules will degrade in 9 months in traditional sewers or septic systems. Only a small number of Granules will end up in your drains or septic system as they stick to solids.

Purchase Information

If there's an issue with your CatGenie, you can speak to one of our customer support team members at 1300CatGenie - 1300 228 436. Alternatively, you can contact us here. For mechanical problems, we will replace the warranted unit or part.

The CatGenie comes with a two-year warranty that covers any mechanical faults. The CatGenie is a highly engineered machine and has the longest warranty coverage than any other automated litter box. When you purchase your CatGenie, you're also covered by an unconditional 90-day money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied with your CatGenie.

Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods.

You can purchase the CatGenie through our website here. You can also order the CatGenie over the phone - 1300 228 436.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to cancel your order. We will do our best to locate and hold your order before it is dispatched, however, we may not be able to if the warehouse teams have processed the shipment already. You can still organise to send the items back for a refund in this case, however, the customer is responsible for all shipping costs.

CatGenie Requirements

Yes, the CatGenie is suitable for homes that use septic systems. Only a few Granules and waste water are flushed each day and any Granules that end up in our septic system will degrade in less than 9 months.

For MOST households, a plumber is NOT needed to set up the CatGenie. The CatGenie comes with an easy to follow setup guide and we also have a support team available. Phone 1300CatGenie - 1300 228 436. The T-Adapters that come with the CatGenie are designed to fit 95% bathroom and laundry setups. Some houses may require a different T-Adapter size which CatGenie does not provide. These T-Adapters are available at hardware stores and are inexpensive.

Yes. The CatGenie has an easy, do it yourself self-setup. The CatGenie needs to be attached to a cold water intake from a washing machine, sink or toilet and the CatGenie drain hose can either be hooked over a toilet rim or down the drain pipe found behind your washing machine. For advice on which set up is best for you, feel free to contact one of our support team members via 1300 CatGenie - 1300 228 436.

Yes. The CatGenie will need to be connected to an electrical power source in order to operate.

  • Power Requirements: 230VAC, 50Hz (5A Fused)

  • Cleaning Cycle - 20W - Approx. 20 Mins
  • Drying Cycle - 1100W - Approx. 20 Mins

The CatGenie uses 6 Litres of water during each cleaning cycle. The average toilet flush is between 4 Litres and 13 Litres (depending on your toilet).

Conveniently, the CatGenie Self-Cleaning, Self-Washing Cat Litter Box cleans itself. However, like any other electrical appliance, we recommend taking apart the system and thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior of the CatGenie 2 times a year to maintain its running efficiency. The CatGenie Maintenance Cartridge is available for purchase and we highly recommend you use it a few times a year to remove any gunk and slime that may build up in hard to reach areas. The water sensor should be cleaned when each SaniSolution120 Cartridge is replaced.

Solid waste gets ground up into liquid for safe and easy removal down the drain.

On average, setting up the CatGenie takes less than 15 minutes.

Run the CatGenie for one to two cycles per cat per day. You can always set the CatGenie to Cat Activation so that it automatically starts a cleaning cycle after your cat leaves the box. Setting your CatGenie to Cat Activation also lengthens the life of your SaniSolution cartridge from 120 washes to 240 washes!

The CatGenie is suitable for use in any room that has access to a cold water supply, drainage area/pipe and an electrical source. We recommend placing the CatGenie in a bathroom, laundry room, powder room or utility room.

SaniSolution Cartridges

No, the CatGenie's SaniSolution120 Cartridge is not refillable. The SaniSolution120 formula has been designed with the assistance of veterinarians to create a safe cleaning solution that works specifically with the CatGenie and the CatGenie Washable Granules. Untested cleaning solutions cannot be substituted and may damage the CatGenie's Granules and the unit.

  • When the CatGenie is set to Auto-Start, it will use a full dose of SaniSolution, and wash from 1 to 4 times per day. It will last 120 cycles.
  • When the CatGenie is set to Cat-Activation, it will use a half dose, and will wash every time your cat/s use the CatGenie. It will last 240 cycles.

The CatGenie has LED lights that will alert you when the SaniSolution Cartridge has 10 washes left. When you have 3 washes left, the CatGenie's LED lights and the system will beep. Ensure that you ALWAYS have a spare SaniSolution cartridge available. The CatGenie will not run with an empty SaniSolution Cartridge, or no SaniSolution Cartridge at all, in the system.

Yes! The SaniSolution Cartridges are biodegradable AND recyclable. Unlike most plastics that take over thousands of years to degrade, the SaniSolution's plastic cartridge features an additive that allows the plastic to degrade in less than 10 years. The cartridge plastic is also suitable for recycling.


The CatGenie bowl has an inner diameter of 43cm.

The following measurements include the SaniSolution120 Cartridge in the system:

  • Length: 62.3cm
  • Back Width: 44cm
  • Bowl Outer Diameter: 48.6cm
  • Height: 53.4cm

Veterinarian Advice

If you have a CatGenie in your home, you will never need to deal with the messy responsibility of cleaning out your cat's litter box. You will never need to breathe in dusty litter or come in contact with your cat's waste, and the risk of Toxoplasmosis is eliminated. Toxoplasmosis is a common infection and is extremely dangerous for pregnant women, patients going through cancer treatments, people with allergies or asthma and children and adults with developing/weakened immune systems. The CatGenie thoroughly washes and cleans the bowl and granules keeping the area safe and hygienic for pets and people of all ages.

Yes, yes, yes! The CatGenie self-cleaning and self-washing cat litter box has been tested by over 15,000 cats in over 7,000 homes and Veterinary clinics.

You can easily keep and eye on your pet's health. Simply set the CatGenie to Push Start rather than Cat Activation or Auto Start.

Veterinarians believe the CatGenie is an advanced alternative to traditional litter boxes. The granules are a fantastic and healthy alternative to dusty clay and clumping litter. The CatGenie significantly reduces the chances of foreign contamination.

About CatGenie

The CatGenie uses litter-like washable and reusable Granules instead of dusty traditional litter. Once the unit is set up to a cold water hose, drainage area/pipe and an electrical source, it's good to go! When your cat does their business in the CatGenie and leaves, the liquids will drain through the Granules into odour-neutralising SaniSolution and solids will get scooped away with the GenieHand. All of the waste gets liquefied by being ground up for easy and safe disposal down the toilet or drain for proper waste treatment. Next, the CatGenie will mix the SaniSolution120 with water and thoroughly wash, scrub and scour the Granules. A built-in dryer will blow hot air through the Granules to completely dry them for your cat's comfort!