Benefits of the CatCoins Loyalty Program

The CatCoins Loyalty Program is our way of giving back to our valued customers. When you purchase CatGenie products from our store, you will receive cashback from the total purchase price at checkout for your future purchases (excludes shipping). As soon as you start shopping you automatically start collecting CatCoins! Simply sign in and shop!


How do I collect CatCoins?

Step 1: Sign in

Step 2: SHOP! The more you purchase, the more CatCoins you collect, and the more you save on your next purchase! 


How much are CatCoins worth?

Each CatCoin is worth 1 cent, so 1,000 CatCoins will give you $10 to put towards your next order. 

CatGenie Units: 25 CatCoins for every 10 dollars.
Supplies & Accessories: 5 CatCoins for every dollar.


Redeeming your CatCoins

You must be signed in to receive CatCoins. You can redeem the collected CatCoins at the checkout of your next purchase (found at the payment section).

To see the amount of CatCoins you've redeemed, go to your account. CatCoins will not show on your account until the order they were earned on is marked as complete.


Will I earn still CatCoins if I order over the phone?

You sure will! CatCoins can be earned through online purchases or over the phone.


Is there a limit?

CatCoins cap at $50. When you reach the maximum amount, you will need to use the points you've earned before you can start earning again. You can see your CatCoins amount in your account once you've signed in.