Looking After Your Cat When You're Not Home

Australians are pet crazy – with more than 25 million pets across the country! So how do we make our busy schedules work with our love for animals? While it might seem ideal to have a friend or family member house sit to feed our cats and water the plants when we're away, this isn’t always possible. So we have a solution for the cats (sorry plants, this one’s not for you).

There are some great products that help us look after our pets when we aren’t home to ensure they are safe, fed and watered. You won’t need anybody to enter your house - unless your home is a literal jungle and you’re worried about the plants dying.


So what are the best tools to automate cat ownership?

Automatic Feeders

The biggest concern for many pet owners during travel is who will feed their pets. Auto-feeders can store varying amounts of food and feed your pets at the same time every day.

When you’re at home, an auto-feeder helps to maximise their diet by ensuring pets are fed the same amount of nutritious food daily. If your pet has a weight problem, automatic feeders can also help to maintain a healthy weight (you just can’t give them treats on the side).

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Water Fountains

The only thing more important than food is water. The human body can only live for around 100 hours without water, which is just more than four days. Our pets may only survive two or three.

To keep your pets well-hydrated when you’re not around you could invest in a water fountain that provides an ongoing supply of clean, fresh water for your furry friends.

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Another concern facing the traveling cat owner is cleaning up after your pet while you’re gone. Investing in a CatGenie is a wise idea for the frequent traveller as it will do all the dirty work for you. The best part is that when you are at home you will never have to touch, smell or scoop cat litter again.

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Now if only our pets had a phone so we could call them while we’re away from home…