How To Program Your CatGenie 120

Different CatGenie 120 Programming Options

The first step in learning how to program your CatGenie is to decide which of the many programming options works best for you and your cat. The CatGenie 120 comes with 9 different cycle settings to choose from. You can choose to run the CatGenie on Auto Start, Cat Activation or Manual Mode.


Auto Start

For Auto Start, you preset the CatGenie to clean 1 to 4 times during a 24 hour period. Once programmed, the unit will start a cycle at the pre-set time.


Cat Activation

Cat Activation allows the unit to run only after it detects that the cat has used the CatGenie. Cat Activation uses two modes, Sleep Mode and Active mode. Running the CatGenie on Sleep Mode means the CatGenie will run for 14 hours on Active Mode and 10 hours on Sleep Mode. Sleep mode is further divided into have a cycle start 10 minutes after the cat uses the box or waiting 30 minutes after the cat is detected to run a cycle. You can also choose to run the CatGenie only on 24 hour Active Mode with no sleep time. Active Mode also gives you the option to choose between a 10 minute or 30 minute delay.


Manual Mode

Finally, you can run the CatGenie on Manual Mode. On Manual Mode, you simply press the start button to run a cycle.


How do I find the best option for my and my cat?

Deciding which CatGenie programming works best for your cat(s)
With so many programming options to choose from, you may ask yourself, “How do I find the best option for me and my cat?” Of course, the best way to decide would be to watch your cat’s behaviour. If possible keep track of when your cat uses the box and how often. Here are some examples of programming options we recommend to customers.

Program your CatGenie to run after your cat eats.
Based on our research on thousands of cats, we found that most cats will use the bathroom about 20 minutes after they eat. That means if your cat normally eats twice a day, once at 7am and 7pm, you can program your unit to run about 30 minutes after feeding time at 7:30. If you have more than one cat try setting the unit to run at 8am-8pm.

I have a multiple-cat household (2-3 cats per unit)
You can try Cat Activation on Active mode with a 30-minute delay. The 30-minute delay will give the second or third cat enough time to use the box after the first cat sets off the cycle.


I have a kitten or senior cat

Kittens and seniors are more prone to diarrhea or softer stool. For this reason, we recommend a 30 minute delay for Cat Activation to give the stool some time to harden up before it is scooped.

* We always recommend Cat Activation to get the most uses out of your SaniSolution Cartridge. Cat Activation can extend the number of washes from 120 to 240.


How to Program your CatGenie 120

Check out our video below that explains, step by step, how to to program your CatGenie. Have unanswered questions or concerns? Share them in the comments below.