The Green Choice

CatGenie is the world's ONLY cat litter box on the market that doesn't use disposable cat litter. Instead, the CatGenie works with Washable Granules that are made of a dust free, non-toxic combination of natural and synthetic biodegradable materials. These Granules are 100% safe for pets, people and the environment.


With traditional cat litter, your cat will use more than 120kgs of litter in just one year. On the other hand, the CatGenie only needs two to four boxes of Washable Granules (1.6kg each) for the entire year. The Granules never need scooping, changing or replacing! The CatGenie does all the work for you, thoroughly cleaning, sanitising and drying the Granules for fresh use every time!


Toxoplasmosis - Heard of it?

Using the CatGenie in your home decreases the risk of toxoplasmosis to 0%. Toxoplasmosis is a common infection transmitted by the T-gondii parasite found in cat faeces. Thankfully, unlike traditional cat litter boxes that are often left for days at a time allowing parasites and germs to spread, the CatGenie thoroughly washes, cleans and scours the bowl and Granules with Vet-approved SaniSolution and water ensuring the bowl is clean and hygienic for you, your pets and your family!


The Truth About Disposable Cat Litter

The materials used in clumping litter and clay litter are accessed through strip mining. Strip mining is a form of open mining that requires digging hundreds of metres into the Earth across thousands of acres to access natural materials including sand, clay and coal. Strip Mining leaves a horrendous impact on the environment, leaving huge amounts of land completely open, dry and toxic, completely depleting the chances of natural growth.


The Effects of Strip Mining:

  • Destroys thousands of acres of forests, natural soils and wildlife habitats
  • Leads to soil erosion and the destruction of agricultural land
  • Contaminates natural waters with toxic metals and harmful minerals
  • Increases the risk of chemical contamination in groundwater and acid mine drainage
  • Brings huge amounts of waste and rocks to the surface. This waste forms a toxic chemical compound when it comes in contact with air and water
  • Increases the risk of cardiopulmonary disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension, lung disease and kidney disease in local populations near strip mining areas