How To Introduce New Cats Into Your Home

Whether you’re adopting an old cat who needs a new home or your friend’s cat has just had a litter of kittens, it's important to make sure your new cat feels comfortable in their new home. Cats are very territorial and a new home can make them feel a bit uneasy. On top of that, most cats hate being in the car and may be a bit distressed from the trip home. So how can you make sure your new cat loves its new home?


Make sure the House is Closed

Keep all windows and doors closed when you cat arrives in its new home – you don’t want them to go outside yet.


Food and Water

Fresh water and a bowl of delicious cat food will help them adjust to their new home. If it’s a brand new cat food, it may even help them adjust to you. Trust us, cats LOVE food! Remember to make the food transition process a gradual one to prevent any complications.


Time for a Nap

If there’s one thing cats love more than food it’s a nap. Your cat will have to scope out the house to work out its favourite places to sleep. It might be alongside a window, on the couch or in bed with you.


Don’t Annoy Them

While it’s natural to want to endlessly pat your new cat and make it love you it might be wise to give it some time to itself as well. Cats are curious creatures and they will want to explore their new home so give them time to do that on their own.


Introducing them to other Animals

If you already have other pets it might take some time for your new cat to adjust to its new friends. Just like us, cats have personalities and they like to have a pecking order. Be patient if your cats don’t get along straight away – it might just take some time.

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