The CatGenie Self-Cleaning, Self-Washing Litter Box

Forget the scooping and the awful odours! The CatGenie is the innovative Cat Litter Box that does the dirty work for you. The CatGenie automatically scoops away your cat's waste and thoroughly washes and dries the Washable Granules leaving your home clean and fresh 24/7. With the CatGenie, you will never have to touch, smell or breathe your cat's litter ever again.

The CatGenie is available in a Standard Package or Deluxe Package. The Standard Package includes all the necessities you need to run the CatGenie unit. This includes; 1 SaniSolution Cartridge and 1 Box of Washable Granules. All supplies used with the CatGenie are 100% safe for pets, humans and the environment.

The Deluxe Package comes with the necessities and MORE! The Deluxe package includes the CatGenie unit, 2 SaniSolution Cartridges, 2 Boxes of Granules, 1 Machine Maintenance Cartridge and the GenieDome (sidewalls included). The accessories provide further odour control between cleaning cycles.


If you have any questions about the innovative cat litter box or its supplies & accessories, feel free to call our friendly support team on 1300 228 436.

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The world's only self-washing cat litter box!

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Never scoop cat litter again!