CatGenie Before You Buy Guide

Before you purchase a CatGenie unit, there are a few things you need to consider:


1. Adequate Space for the Unit

The CatGenie 120 litter box is bigger than most standard cat litter boxes and needs pre-planning to ensure installation is quick and easy. Ensure the selected room (bathroom or laundry) has enough space for the CatGenie unit. Dimensions below. Please keep in mind you will need enough room to insert and remove the SaniSolution cartridge.

CatGenie Unit Dimensions

CatGenie Unit Dimensions

CatGenie Unit with Dome Dimensions

Deluxe Package Dimensions

2. Access to a Power Source

The CatGenie unit requires access to electricity in order to operate. The CatGenie power cord is 1.78m


3. Access to a Cold Water Supply Line

The CatGenie water hose (2.8m) requires access to a cold water line in order to thoroughly clean the granules. Access to a cold water supply line can be accessed through the washing machine water line, sink or toilet. 

NOTE: The CatGenie water hose must be connected to a COLD water supply line. DO NOT connect the water hose to a hot water supply line.

CatGenie Cold Water Connection


4. Access to a Suitable Drainage Area

The CatGenie drain hose (3m) needs to be placed in a suitable drainage area. There are multiple ways to complete the CatGenie setup, however, the two most common drainage options include; a laundry tub waste pipe or a toilet. If you only have a single drainage outlet in your laundry tub, we supply a Dual Hose Adapter to fit your washing machine drain hose and CatGenie drain hose in the one outlet. An additional hook is supplied for toilet drainage.

Please give us a call on 1300 228 436 if you have any questions regarding the CatGenie set up or installation.