Washable Granules

The CatGenie Granules are made from a dust-free combination of natural and synthetic materials that are designed to degrade in 9 months in septic systems. The Washable Granules never need scooping or changing - they are thoroughly washed, scrubbed and dried - freshly reused for months at a time! Occasionally, the Granules will stick to solids or get flicked out of the CatGenie and it's a good idea to have a spare box of Granules available for replenishing.

IMPORTANT: ONLY use Washable Granules with your CatGenie. Any other form of cat litter will damage the unit, clog your pipes and void your warranty.

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CatGenie Granules

CatGenie Washable Granules

For an entire year, you will only need 2 - 3 boxes of Granules. Once they're in the bowl, the CatGenie takes care of the dirty work for you! Although the Granules never need changing, they do need replenishing every few weeks. Simply keep a spare box of Granules on hand and top them up when they fall below the fill-level line indicated on the inside of the bowl. 

The Granules are non-absorbent and imitate the texture of large grains of sand. You might even find your cat digging through them! The Granules are made of a combination of natural and synthetic materials and are completely safe for pets, people, and the environment.

During cleaning cycles, they are completely washed and dried, eliminating the risk of toxoplasmosis in your home.

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Dust-free Washable Granules