CatGenie SaniSolution

The CatGenie SaniSolution is a Vet-approved, eco-friendly formula that keeps the CatGenie bowl and Granules clean and fresh! The CatGenie must have a cartridge in the unit in order to run a cleaning cycle! Ensure you always keep a spare cartridge available for quick replacement. Choose from Fresh Scent or Scent Free!

TIP: To get the most out of each cartridge, set your CatGenie to 'Cat Activation" and your SaniSolution cartridge will last up to 240 washes instead of 120. The unit will alert you with a series of LED lights and sounds when the SaniSolution is running low. 

On average, the CatGenie SaniSolution lasts up to 4 months with one cat, up to 2 months with 2 cats, and 1 month with three cats. Any questions? Contact us via the chat below or give us a call on 1300 228 436!

SaniSolutions and Machine Maintenance


Benefits & Features

  • Completely safe for humans, animals, and the environment
  • Cleans and sanitises your cat's toileting area
  • Eliminates the spreading of toxoplasmosis
  • Available in Fresh Scent or Scent Free 
  • Features an infrared reader that displays how many washes are left. This displays on the CatGenie processing unit
  • Available in Fresh Scent or Scent Free
    • Fresh Scent leaves a light aroma in your home
    • Scent Free is the ideal option for people who are sensitive to fragrances

SaniSolution Smart Label

Handy Tip

Set the CatGenie to the Cat Activation Mode to extend the life of the SaniSolution from 120 washes to 240 washes. Auto Start and Push Start will program the Cartridge to dispense the exact amount to last 120 washes.


How it works

The SaniSolution Cartridge has a smart label underneath the packaging that is read by the CatGenie processing unit. This software accurately dispenses, monitors, and controls the proportion of Solution to water for the maximum safety of your cats and the optimal operation of your CatGenie. When empty, replace the 120 Cartridge or your CatGenie won't function.

When the SaniSolution is running low, the CatGenie will alert you with a series of light and beeps on the LED display found on the top of the processing unit. Please note that the CatGenie will not run a cleaning cycle without a genuine SaniSolution Cartridge in the machine.

The LED Label displays when the unit has 100+ washes left, 75+ washes left, 50+ washes, 25+ washes and 10+ washes. 

Processing Unit LED Display



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Leaves a light fragrant aroma in your home


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Great for people and pets who are sensitive to fragrance