Like all appliances, the CatGenie needs basic maintenance to ensure everything runs fine.


Machine Maintenance

powerharness strenght testedHeavy Duty Buckles

Julius K9 harness buckles are tensile tested up to 350kg to ensure durability and reliability during all scenarios.

powerharness ergonically perfectPerfect Ergonomics

The angle of the chest strap gently places pressure across the strongest part of your dog's body.

Breathable skin friendly linerBreathable Inner Liner

The OEKO-Tex inner liner is manufactured to human clothing specifications allowing your dog's skin to breathe.

powerharness reflective Reflective Strips

The reflective stitching and chest straps increase you and your pet's visibility during low-light hours.

powerharness side bagsSidebag Fixing Option

Harness sidebags are an available accessory that hook and loop to your dog's harness, or your belt loops on jeans. The sidebags fit treats, waste bags, your phone, keys and cash.

powerharness removable patchesRemovable Labels

Each Machine Maintenance Cartridge has 4 washes in it. Simply pop it in your CatGenie (like you would a SaniSolution) and let is run a cleaning cycle. The Mahcine Maintenance Cartridge cleans out the interior



Manual Clean

Every 6 months, you will need to manually clean your CatGenie. You will need to take the CatGenie unit apart, clean it, and reassemble the unit. This will take between 15-20 minutes. Watch the video below for a guide on how to clean your CatGenie.