Laundry Setup - Attaching the T-Adapter

Step 1. Shut off the Cold Water Supply Line

Please note: You must ONLY use the COLD water line. Hot water will damage the CatGenie unit.

Shut off cold water supply





Step 2. Unscrew the COLD water hose from the shut off valve

Keep the hose upright to prevent water from leaking out.

Unscrew cold water hose



Step 3. Screw the Lock-Nut on the T-Adapter to the Water Shut-off Valve

Note: If you're using a tool to tighten the connections, be careful to not over-tighten.

Screw lock-nut on T-Adapter



Step 4. Re-Attach the Cold Water Hose to the T-Adapter

Tighten lock nut around T-Adapter threads.

Re-attach the cold water hose



Step 5. Screw the CatGenie Water Hose to the T-Adapter

Note: Hand tighten only!

Screw the CatGenie water hose to the T-Adapter


Laundry Setup - CatGenie Waste Hose Placement

Option 1. Laundry Tub Outlet Hole - Direct Attachment

If you have an available plumbed outlet hole in your laundry tub or sink, you can insert the CatGenie waste hose directly in the hole until it is securely in place.

Place the waste hose directly in a plumbed laundry tub

Option 2. Laundry Tub Outlet Hole - Using the Dual Hose Adapter (included with purchase)



Step 1. Insert the Dual Hose Adapter

Insert the Dual Hose Adapter into the plumbed laundry sink/outlet.

Insert in plumbed laundry tub or sink



Step 2: Attach the CatGenie Waste Hose

Insert the CatGenie waste hose tip into the female entry of the dual hose adapter.

Attach waste hose to female entry of the dual hose adapter



Step 3. Attach your Washing Machine Drain Hose

Place the rubber hose end of your washing machine drain hose over the male spout on the dual hose adapter. Push down firmly until secure.

Place over male spout on the dual hose adapter



Step 4. Secure your Washing Machine Drain Hose in Place

Attach the supplied plastic hose clamp around the end of the washing machine drain hose ensuring the hose end is pushed down firmly.



Ready, Set, Run Your CatGenie!

Step 1. Turn Water on and Check all Connections for any Leaks

Tighten any fittings that are dripping

Turn on water



Step 2. Empty an Entire Box of Granules into the CatGenie Bowl

Note: Do NOT mix other cat litter with the Granules.



Step 3. Insert the SaniSolution Cartridge

Slide a SaniSolution cartridge in the top of the CatGenie unit.



Step 4. Plug the CatGenie electric cord into a power socket

Flick the switch on



Step 5. When Plugged in, a Series of Light and Beeps

Once turned on.



Step 6. Press START/PAUSE

Once turned on.