Help Centre

On this page, you'll find links to a collection of information, videos, FAQs, manuals and guides to assist you with your CatGenie unit. We understand that getting to know a new unit may be slightly confusing to begin with, but we promise things really aren't that complicated.

Whether you need help setting up your new CatGenie, introducing your cat to their new litter box, troubleshooting issues or anything else, you've come to the right place! Feel free to head to our informative web pages below, or give us a call at 1300 228 436. 


Customer FAQs

Are the supplies safe for my cat? How does the CatGenie actually work? How long does a cleaning cycle run for? How often do I need to buy Granules and Supplies? Do I need a plumber? And more! The best place to find all the answers is at our FAQ page.

Click here to read our customer's FAQs.


Watch how the CatGenie works, how to clean the CatGenie unit and more! You will find a variety of clips on our Video page. 

Click here to head to our CatGenie videos page.


Installation Guide

You'll receive a collection of manuals with your CatGenie purchase. Conveniently, we have an easy to follow installation guide on our website that walks you through the 3 most common CatGenie setups.

Click here to head to our easy to follow installation guide.


The manuals included with your purchase are very informative and are ideal to keep handy. If you've misplaced any of these, you can head to our manuals page and download them.

Click here to view the CatGenie manuals.