Before ordering your CatGenie, please ensure you have the following:

  1. Adequate space for the CatGenie
  2. Access to an electrical outlet
  3. Access to a cold water supply line (found in your washing machine, toilet or sink plumbing)
  4. A suitable drainage area

The CatGenie unit is larger than most standard cat litter boxes and requires planning before purchasing. CatGenie dimensions listed below.


  • The height of the back of the unit is 53.4cm (includes SaniSolution Cartridge)
  • The width of the back of the unit is 44cm
  • The length of the unit is 62.3cm
  • The width of the CatGenie bowl is 48.6cm
  • The height of the CatGenie bowl is 21cm (without sidewalls or the GenieDome)
  • The height of the CatGenie bowl with sidewalls is 28.5cm
  • The height of the front of the CatGenie (with the GenieDome) is 49.5cm
  • The height of the GenieDome opening is 22cm
  • The height of the GenieDoor opening (when attached) is 17cm


Image link to the CatGenie Before You Buy Guide

Image Link to the Easy to Follow Installation Guide