"By far the best purchase I've ever made.

A friend sent me a link to it after she bought hers. I honestly thought she was mad. Happened to be there for a coffee a couple weeks later and I checked hers out.

Went home and ordered mine straight away. I've had it several months and it's freaking brilliant!!!

I save mountains on buying litter, we have no arguments over whose turn it is to scoop the poop and no more foul smells.

And it's super cool!"

- Nomes L.


"My cats love it and so do we!!! After 4 months it's the best thing we ever brought! Saving money on kitty litter and not once have I had to pick up cat poo!!!"

- Kimberly M.


"As the owner of 2 lovely, inside only cats, I am absolutely delighted in my purchase of the CatGenie. Everyone thought me mad to buy this product but I will never regret it, no more daily scooping of litter and continually cleaning and sanitising litter trays. There is even a significant reduction in the amount of litter on the floor that has been tracked out. My 2-year old, Temperance, loves it, she watches it and unfortunately gets in for a play when it is washing and full of water. My 3-year old Prudence, is a very nervous girl and took a while to take to the unit. I was worried she would not take to it but after following the provided instructions for the transition she is now using the unit. I honestly can not recommend this product higher, NO MORE KITTY LITTER! YEY!"

- Bronwyn B.


"Best thing we ever bought. So it was interesting to setup but it has been amazing. We have 4 cats and they love watching it. They have all used it with no issues straight away. And my house always smells fresh now!"

- Emma M.


" I just wanted you to know I have had back surgery changing the kitty litter was extremely painful on my back, your product has made my life so much easier & stress free. Just knowing a press of the button & it's all done for me. I believe this is one of the best purchases I've ever invested in, yes it's not cheap but so far very well worth the money."


- Juliue L.


"Both Cats (13 yo) were using it exclusively within 48 hours. Haven't looked back! Easy to install. But be warned it's a huge box! One of the cats now wees in it and then sits and waits for it to clean and the litter to then be warm before he does his longer job each night."

- Kate G.


"3 kitties, and they all love it. All took to using it with no fuss. So happy with this product as it actually works and is the best investment we've made for our kitty family.

- Nerilee C.